has been developing its own Software Department since more than 15 years. More than 1500 concrete batching plants operating worldwide provide an enormous feedback for the improvement. Recently this large experience has been transformed into a simple, comprehensive and extremely sensitive electromechanical structure - a MECAS Automation System.
Only High Quality Components

The control panel in based on SIEMENS equipment which is available in all the parts of the world to provide the best quality and worldwide support. No manufacturer-specific hardware ensures maximum flexibility for the final costumer. Main logical controller is a modular SIEMENS S7-300 PLC which is proven to be robust and reliable with wide capabilities for modification and improvement. Ethernet connection provides exceptional responsiveness touch panel allows operation without the main PC.

Real Time Visualization

Main batch window resembles the actual characteristics of the concrete plant. Comprehensive visualization is showing the actual state of the related discharge gate,scale,pump,valve or any other hardware. Moreover, the main window is customizable an can be easily adjusted to changes in the concrate batch plant configuration.

Automation System
3 Main Operating Modes

The system allows Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual operating modes. Switching between modes is possible from the main batch window with a single click. The system starts in fully automatic mode by default, minor corrections and interventions can be done with the help of the buttons on scales,pumps,gates and the mixer. The system switches to semi-automatic mode automatically when operator is interfering by pressing the related buttons. In case of a need or emergency operator can completely turn of the automatic production and switch to manual mode.

Automation System

Reach In Features

Multiple Language Support

Rich Parameter Page

Right Click Parameter Access

Drag And Drop Delivery Note Editor

Automatic Silo Shaft

Unlimited Databes

Dynamic Onscreen Slump Control

Manual Production/Weighing Reports

Wide Alarm Database With Explanation, Guidance And Codes

Levelled Autorization

Easy Adaptation With New Materials

Direct Onscreen Calibration

Full Discharge Gate Sensitivity Control

Manula Moisture And Absorption Input

Batch Reports

Export To Excel,Automatic Report Saves To Cloud Drives

Periodical Backup

Rich Recipe Control And Parameters

Detailed Logbook

What is Biogas? A Beginners Guide – Home to Commercial

The Types of Biogas Plants Common biogas plant types can be differentiated according to methods of substrate feed, biogas collecting methods, materials used for their construction, horizontal or vertical digester position, underground and above-ground digester location and according to additional equipment used.

Design, Construction, and Performance Evaluation of Plastic

1) the continuous plant in which the feeding is done every day and 2) the batch plant in which feeding is done at intervals. The plant is emptied once the process of digestion is completed. The fixed dome biogas plant built with plastic by the authors is shown in Figure 1. Its operation was of batch type. Figure 1: Plastic Biogas Digester ...

Planning Guide for Biogas Plants

In the case of a family-size biogas plant intended primarily as a source of energy, implementation should only be recommended, if the plant can be expected to cover the calculated energy demand. Information about the economic evaluation of a biogas plant can be found in the section on Costs and Benefits.

Balloon Digester

This is favourable to the digestion process. Even difficult feed materials, such as water hyacinths, can be used in a balloon plant. The balloon material must be UV-resistant. Materials which have been used successfully include RMP (red mud plastic), Trevira and butyl. Fig 2. Balloon Digester, Tumwesige (2013).


The digester used for biogas production is called a Biogas plant. A typical biogas plant using cowdung as a raw material consists of: (a) digester and (b) gas holder. The digesters are either of (a) batch type which are filled once, sealed and emptied when the raw materials stop producing gas or (b) continuous type

List of Biogas Plants Developed in India

4. Krishna Biogas Plant: Shivsaaan Renewable Research Institute has developed an alter native fixed dome type plant made of prefabricated concrete which it named as Krishna biogas plant (Fig. 4.11a). The plant consists of a digester with its dome and the lower

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Biogas Technology

Experiment on biogas technology in India began in 1937. In 1956, Jashu Bhai J Patel developed a design of floating drum biogas plant popularly known as Gobar Gas plant. In 1962, Patel's design was approved by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) of India and this design soon became popular in India and the world.

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RITTER · Biogas Batch Fermentation System

The primary advantage of the RITTER Biogas Batch Fermentation System is that the entire fermentation bottle is uniformly tempered inside the heating oven. In contrast to tempering the fermentation bottles in a water bath there will be no uncontrolled cooling of the ...

Biomass energy

Jun 18, 2014 · The main features of Batch type plant are: 1.The gas production is intermittent, depending upon the clearing of the digester. 2.It needs several digesters or chambers for continuous gas production, these are fed alternately. 3.Batch plants are good for long fibrous materials. 4.This plant needs addition of fermented slurry to start the ...

Batch Type Biogas Plant

More Batch Type Biogas Plant videos

Types of Biogas Plants - The Secret to Selecting the Best AD Plant

There's no Net Zero without Biogas: ending waste, delivering the circular economy, tackling the climate crisis. Types of Biogas Plants – The Secret to Selecting the Best AD Plant Design There are many types of biogas plants.The first step to selecting the best one for your project is to understand what types are available..

Zorg Biogas AG I Biogas plants I Dry fermentation

The advantage of the dry technology is that constant mixing of the biomass is unnecessary. Pumping and stirring units are not needed. The fermentation substratum rarely requires pre-treatment. The technology is therefore much simpler and robust to that of wet fermentation plants. The dry digesters have no moving parts.

Classification of Biogas Plants

Classification of biogas. plants Biogas plants are mainly classified as: continuous and batch type (as per process) The dome and drum types Different variations in the drum type Continuous type biogas plant In this plant the supply of gas is continuous and the digester is fed with biomass regularly.

Design of Biogas plant

DESIGN OF BIOGAS PLANT Bio-gas Project, LGED 1.1 Introduction: Biogas can be obtained from any organic materials after anaerobic fermentation by three main phases. 1.2 Mechanism of biogas fermentation: A) Groups of Biogas microbes - B) Groups of microbes involved in the 3 stages of biogas fermentation - 1st stage: Fermentative bacteria-

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State-of-the-art dry and wet anaerobic digestion systems for

HoSt has supplied a large number of agricultural biogas plants, mostly for the anaerobic digestion (AD) of manure and agricultural products (e.g. corn, straw and grass) in combination with waste from the food industry. Unique about a biogas plant supplied by HoSt, is the large flexibility for a broad range of biomass streams.

Biogas Production from Water Hyacinth in the Batch type Anaerobic

The batch type biogas plant was design, develops and fabricated for biogas production. The experimentation on anaerobic digestion of water hyacinth was carried out. The water hyacinth was chopped, crush and mixed with water before entering into the digester ...

Nithiyaa Manikam - Business Team Leader (Curing & Bladder Plant

This study was aimed to investigate the production of methane gas from three different types of food waste (vegetables waste, fruit waste and grain waste) using batch type anaerobic digestion method. The digestion process was conducted by using temperature range of 27 to 36°C and pH 6.5 to 7.5 to yield an optimum condition for the digestion process.

Types of Biogas Plant Design – synodbioscience

Sep 18, 2014 · There are numerous type biogas plant designs are available. In first category a difference is made between batch and continuous plants. Batch biogas Plant designs are filled completely and then emptied completely after a fixed retention time. Each design and each fermentation material is suitable for batch filling.

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Anaerobic Digester for Sale

Mar 13, 2019 · Can we help you find your best biogas digester plant? We have been writing about anaerobic digestion and biogas production for the last 15 years on this website. So, we know a bit about the different models of these plants that are available at different sizes, and for the most popular uses.

Bio Gas Equipment

As one of Dubai’s largest Biogas equipment supplier, “BGE DWC LLC,” offers equipment ranging from Gas Gensets, Bio-CNG Up-gradation Equipment, Epoxy and Glass Coated Digester Tanks, Gas Holders, H2S Scrubbers, Gas Blowers and Compressors, Dehumidifiers, Flares, Agitators and Mixing Pumps for Digesters.

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MINI BIOGAS PLANT - SRUSHTI: Biogas Plants in Animal

The most advantageous TS for the digester of a continuoustype biogas plant is 5-10%, compared to as much as 25% for a batch-operated plant. A TS of 15% or more tends to inhibit metabolism. Consequently, most substrates are diluted with water before being fed into the digester.

Biogas Plant Constructions

Biogas Plant Constructions 345 are installed without any type of mechanism to reduce the retention time during which the biomass remains inside are predominant; thes e systems are fed discontinuously and known as discontinuous-flow i.e. batch digesters, or fed periodically and known as continuous-flow digesters.

Essay @ Biogas Plants | Biomass Conversion

Essay # 2.Batch Type Biogas Plant: In a batch type plant, the biomass feeding is done in batches with large time interval between two consecutive batches. A batch loaded digester is filled to its capacity and given sufficient retention time (35 to 45 days) for ...


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