has been developing its own Software Department since more than 15 years. More than 1500 concrete batching plants operating worldwide provide an enormous feedback for the improvement. Recently this large experience has been transformed into a simple, comprehensive and extremely sensitive electromechanical structure - a MECAS Automation System.
Only High Quality Components

The control panel in based on SIEMENS equipment which is available in all the parts of the world to provide the best quality and worldwide support. No manufacturer-specific hardware ensures maximum flexibility for the final costumer. Main logical controller is a modular SIEMENS S7-300 PLC which is proven to be robust and reliable with wide capabilities for modification and improvement. Ethernet connection provides exceptional responsiveness touch panel allows operation without the main PC.

Real Time Visualization

Main batch window resembles the actual characteristics of the concrete plant. Comprehensive visualization is showing the actual state of the related discharge gate,scale,pump,valve or any other hardware. Moreover, the main window is customizable an can be easily adjusted to changes in the concrate batch plant configuration.

Automation System
3 Main Operating Modes

The system allows Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual operating modes. Switching between modes is possible from the main batch window with a single click. The system starts in fully automatic mode by default, minor corrections and interventions can be done with the help of the buttons on scales,pumps,gates and the mixer. The system switches to semi-automatic mode automatically when operator is interfering by pressing the related buttons. In case of a need or emergency operator can completely turn of the automatic production and switch to manual mode.

Automation System

Reach In Features

Multiple Language Support

Rich Parameter Page

Right Click Parameter Access

Drag And Drop Delivery Note Editor

Automatic Silo Shaft

Unlimited Databes

Dynamic Onscreen Slump Control

Manual Production/Weighing Reports

Wide Alarm Database With Explanation, Guidance And Codes

Levelled Autorization

Easy Adaptation With New Materials

Direct Onscreen Calibration

Full Discharge Gate Sensitivity Control

Manula Moisture And Absorption Input

Batch Reports

Export To Excel,Automatic Report Saves To Cloud Drives

Periodical Backup

Rich Recipe Control And Parameters

Detailed Logbook

Submittal data - Rapid Set Concrete Mix

Rapid Set Concrete Mix is a product in the Nonmetallic Grout category. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports. With a free BuildSite account you can: Save documents for future use Make detailed annotations


Please note, when the concrete needs to be coated the curing times are shorter than that of conventional concrete. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET READYMIX CONCRETE INFORMATION TECHNICAL DATA SHEET TOPROC RAPID 48 HOUR PAGE 1 of 2 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 102030 40 50 Time (hrs) (N/mm 2) TYPICAL STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT OF TOPROC RAPID 48HR Toproc Rapid 48hr ...

All-in-One Epoxy Repair Mortar

Everything you need in a concrete repair mortar in one ready to mix product. All-in-One Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar from Resincoat is the ultimate patch material for concrete repair. With a finish harder than concrete and extreme long-life durablity this product is ideal for almost any repair job such as road repair or

Rapid Set

Rapid Set Cement – green to the core! Environmentally friendly, durable and LEED compliant. CTS Cement is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Rapid Set Cement cuts CO2 emissions by 30% compared to standard ...

Ready-mixed concrete

The UK's largest supplier of ready-mixed concreteHanson Concrete is the UK’s largest supplier of ready-mixed concrete from a national network of 178 static and mobile production plants. Our integrated supply network and experienced management team makes us an ideal partner for supplying a range of construction materials.Our concrete plan footprint and downstream supply capability affords us ...

Data Sheets – USA

Data Sheets – USA ... Very Fast Setting, General Purpose Cementitious Repair Mortar and Hydraulic Waterstop ... Non-Chloride Concrete Set Accelerator 5-11

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Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix (No. 1004) is a special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel designed to set hard in approx. 20 to 40 minutes. Sets posts without mixing. Pour dry mix into hole

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High-Performance Concrete, Chapter 17

rapid repair of pavements to reduce traffic downtime; fast-track paving; and several other uses. In fast-track paving, use of high-early-strength mix-tures allows traffic to open within a few hours after con-crete is placed. An example of a fast-track concrete mixture used for a bonded concrete highway overlay con-

3 Concrete

• Concrete MasterEmaco ® T 1060 Very rapid-setting cement-based concrete repair mortar FORMERLY 10-60 RAPID MORTAR DESCRIPTION MasterEmaco T 1060 is a one-component, shrinkage-compensated, very rapid-setting, cement-based mortar. It is designed for repairing horizontal concrete surfaces where high early strength gain is required.

NXT® Skim Product Datasheet

mix for 2-3 minutes with a heavy duty drill (650 rpm) to obtain a lumpfree mix. Note: material can be re-mixed to extend pot-life but do NOT add more admix or water when re-mixing. Application Apply blended material to substrate with trowel at a thickness from feather-edge to 1" (25 mm) for all surfaces. After initial set of material

QC10: Rapid Strength Concrete

QC10: Rapid Strength Concrete QC10 is a rapid setting concrete designed for thick section repairs, haunching reinstatements, ironwork backfilling and commercial sign/post installation. It has been HAPAS approved since 2005 and can be opened to traffic in 2

MasterEmaco N 425: Non-sag concrete repair

MasterEmaco N 425: Non-sag concrete repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor for vertical and overhead applications Formerly: Gel Patch How does MasterEmaco N 425 work? MasterEmaco N 425 is a one-component fast-setting polymer modified portland cement-based repair mortar for vertical and overhead concrete and masonry surfaces ...

Keraquick White Fast Setting Adhesive 20kg

The Keraquick White Fast Setting Adhesive 20kg (SKU 012520) is suitable to use for fixing tile on tile. We recommend using Eco Prim Grip 5kg (SKU 1560005) to improve the bond and if the existing tiles are glossy it may help the bond by scoring them.

Hard Aggregate Topping

The result are industrial floors with above average good tensile and compressive strength values, very favorable wear resistance values ensuring constant sliding safety. Hard aggregate screeds acc. to DIN EN 13 318 are hard aggregate screeds with an increased and defined resistance against wear.

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Mapei Adesilex P4 Tile Adhesive

Mapei Adesilex P4 Tile Adhesive is a high performance, cementitious tile adhesive for ceramic tile and stone; smoothing compound for interiors and exteriors; mortar for brick and concrete block walls. Available only in Grey, in 20kg bags. Mapei Adesilex P4 is an improved (C2) fast setting (F) cementitious tile adhesive classified as C2F.

Ultra-fast drying self-levelling compound for thicknesses

• Do not add more water to a mix which has already begun to set. • Do not add lime, cement or gypsum to the mix. EN 13813 Ultra-fast drying self-levelling compound for thicknesses from 3 to 40 mm [Resilienti] 510-ultraplan maxi-gb (4) (17.02.2017 - Corr. PDF Sito) C35-F7 2 LEVELLING COMPOUNDS Ultraplan Maxi

Bagged Cement – Packaged Blended Cement

CEMEX is a world leader in packed cement and other related products. As well as packed cement the range also includes carefully-blended concretes and mortars offering exceptional quality, convenience and reliability

QC10 F: Rapid Set Flowable Concrete

QC10 F: Rapid Set Flowable Concrete QC10 F is a rapid setting, fibre modified concrete for backfilling around manhole frames and gullies and can also be used for surface repairs. It has been HAPAS approved since 2005 and can

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to be absorbed into the concrete, then remove excess water. 2. MIXING For fast repairs to concrete or masonry, add water to Patch’n Plug powder (1 part water to 3 - 3.5 parts powder by volume). Mix to a workable mortar con-sistency and trowel on as required. For large repairs, we recommend utilizing Xypex Megamix II. Alternatively,

Epoxy SK Flex Paste Series - Desert Polymer Flooring, inc

SK-E100 is a two component water-based epoxy system that features ease of application, very low odor and excellent overall coating performance. This material cures blush free over a wide range of temperatures and adheres tenaciously to a variety of substrates including damp or wet concrete.

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1 PRODUCT DATASHEET DESCRIPTION: Rapid Set® CEMENT ALL® is a high-performance, fast-setting, multi- purpose concrete repair material and non-shrink grout. Durable in wet environments, CEMENT ALL is a blend of Rapid Set hydraulic cement and

product DATA SHEET

Ideal for use in tidal applications due to rapid setting properties. High bond strength exceeds tensile strength of concrete, ensuring monolithic performance of the repair. Portland cement base. Dense matrix resists 10 bar water pressure. Very high diffusion resistance to acid gases and chloride ions.

Blue Circle Extra Rapid Fast Set Cement 25kg

A Portland cement containing calcium aluminate to Extra Rapid gives rapid hardening and setting properties for repair and maintenance where rapid hardening is required, eg, setting manholes, repairs to paths and steps, Suitable for concrete, mortar, rendering and floor screeds. Extra Rapid takes foot traffic in 4-6 hours and vehicular traffic in 8-12 …


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