has been developing its own Software Department since more than 15 years. More than 1500 concrete batching plants operating worldwide provide an enormous feedback for the improvement. Recently this large experience has been transformed into a simple, comprehensive and extremely sensitive electromechanical structure - a MECAS Automation System.
Only High Quality Components

The control panel in based on SIEMENS equipment which is available in all the parts of the world to provide the best quality and worldwide support. No manufacturer-specific hardware ensures maximum flexibility for the final costumer. Main logical controller is a modular SIEMENS S7-300 PLC which is proven to be robust and reliable with wide capabilities for modification and improvement. Ethernet connection provides exceptional responsiveness touch panel allows operation without the main PC.

Real Time Visualization

Main batch window resembles the actual characteristics of the concrete plant. Comprehensive visualization is showing the actual state of the related discharge gate,scale,pump,valve or any other hardware. Moreover, the main window is customizable an can be easily adjusted to changes in the concrate batch plant configuration.

Automation System
3 Main Operating Modes

The system allows Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual operating modes. Switching between modes is possible from the main batch window with a single click. The system starts in fully automatic mode by default, minor corrections and interventions can be done with the help of the buttons on scales,pumps,gates and the mixer. The system switches to semi-automatic mode automatically when operator is interfering by pressing the related buttons. In case of a need or emergency operator can completely turn of the automatic production and switch to manual mode.

Automation System

Reach In Features

Multiple Language Support

Rich Parameter Page

Right Click Parameter Access

Drag And Drop Delivery Note Editor

Automatic Silo Shaft

Unlimited Databes

Dynamic Onscreen Slump Control

Manual Production/Weighing Reports

Wide Alarm Database With Explanation, Guidance And Codes

Levelled Autorization

Easy Adaptation With New Materials

Direct Onscreen Calibration

Full Discharge Gate Sensitivity Control

Manula Moisture And Absorption Input

Batch Reports

Export To Excel,Automatic Report Saves To Cloud Drives

Periodical Backup

Rich Recipe Control And Parameters

Detailed Logbook

The Euclid Chemical Company EUCOPATCH

The Euclid Chemical Company 19215 Redwood Road • Cleveland, OH 44110 800-321-7628 t • 216-531-9596 f EUCOPATCH Master Format #: 03 01 30.71 EUCOPATCH Single-Component, Rapid-Setting Repair Material Description EUCOPATCH is a single-component, rapid-setting, repair mortar for use on new and existing concrete and ...

MasterRoc SA 160

MasterRoc SA 160 is ideally suited for wet mix sprayed concrete for ground support: The quick setting property allows rapid work progress and the ability to construct thick sprayed concrete linings via layered application during one construction sequence. The unique product formulation provides fast setting, continuous early-age strength


Rapid Set Concrete Mix Very Rapid Hardening Concrete Sets in 15 minutes. Ready for traffic in one hour. Easy to use, just add water. Concrete Mix is a high-performance, fast-setting structural repair material. Apply Concrete Mix from 2” to 24” thick. Use for ...

Technical leaflet ADINOL-RAPID

dispersion of ADINOL-RAPID in the mix. Dosage 1 .0-2 .0 kg per 100 kg cement, depending on the desired setting time. than 0 Indicative values for ADINOL-RAPID action as concrete set accelerator in standard reference mixture: Percentage % by Setting time Reduction of setting time 0 480 min 0 1.0% 410 min -70 min 1.5% 390 min -90 min

Granitex 2 Day System | Concrete Products | Super-Krete

Granitex 2 Day is an epoxy and polyurethane-based vinyl paint chip flooring system that can be installed over damp concrete. It provides a tough, easy-to-clean surface that is abrasion, chemical and impact resistant.  Granitex 2 Day offers a wide range of creative possibilities with unlimited color and size combinations

Fastfill Rapid Setting Concrete Repair Mortar

Class R4 Rapid Setting Structural Repair Mortar (EN1504-03, DWI 31, WRAS, BBA) Overview Fastfill is a rapid setting, Portland cement-based structural mortar for the durable repair of concrete which cannot be taken out of service for long periods, or in areas subjected to heavy wear such as roads, runways, bridges, decks, floors and footpaths.

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joint filler, joint fillers, polyurea joint filler

The SealBoss ® 6500 Joint Filler Line is based on polyurea technology which offers outstanding advantages and properties in terms of application speed, fast and low temperature cure, durability, application ease and overall economic considerations.

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PRODUCT DATASHEET DESCRIPTION: Rapid Set® CONCRETE MIX is a high-performance, fast-setting, multi-purpose concrete repair material. Durable in wet environments, CONCRETE MIX is a blend of Rapid Set hydraulic cement and quality aggregates.


ARDEX K 12 will harden and dry at temperatures down to 5°C. SUBSTRATES ARDEX K 12 is designed for levelling and smoothing on internal dry concrete slabs. SURFACE PREPARATION Concrete floors must be solid, clean and free of wax, grease, asphalt, latex compounds, curing and sealing compounds and any other surface contaminates.

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet . General information . CEMFAST is a normal setting, rapid hardening Cal-cium Aluminate Cement (CAC) with high early strength. It differs substantially from the usual calci-um silicate cements (Portland cements) in its manu-facturing process, chemical composition and rapid strength gain. CEMFAST is composed of calcium

Rapid Set 25 lb. Cement All Multi-Purpose Construction Material

Rapid Set Concrete Mix is a workable, fast Rapid Set Concrete Mix is a workable, fast setting, high quality concrete repair and concrete restoration material that is ideal where fast strength gain, high durability and low shrinkage are desired. Use Concrete Mix for ...

Ultra High Strength Construction Grout

Ultra High Strength Construction Grout is a non shrink, very high strength cementitious grout comprising of low alkali high specific area Portland cements and other cementitious binders combined with high purity aggregates and a system of compatible admixtures to achieve high in service performance.


designed to achieve final set in 20-40 minutes. Fast Setting Concrete Mix is suitable for setting posts and pouring slabs when a rapid return to service is desired. SIZES • QUIKRETE® Fast Setting Concrete Mix - 50 lb (22.7 kg ®

Five Star Products | High Strength Grout

Five Star products is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of precision nonshrink cement and epoxy grouts, concrete restoration materials, coatings and adhesives, cementitious, grouting, grout, fast set cement, rapid set cement, adhesives, epoxy, concrete, concrete repair, patching, waterproofing, crack repair, bonding, anchoring.

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Rapid Cure And Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

A two-component, fast-setting concrete repair mixture. Super-Quik sets in 5 minutes and will accept heavy vehicle traffic in as little as 15 minutes. Super-Quik is not affected by rain, freezing temperatures, heat or other adverse conditions and will set up in contact with, or submerged in water.

Bagged Cement – Packaged Blended Cement

CEMEX is a world leader in packed cement and other related products. As well as packed cement the range also includes carefully-blended concretes and mortars offering exceptional quality, convenience and reliability

EJC-25, Fast-Setting 2-Part Polyurea Joint Sealant (12-sets)

DESCRIPTION: PolyQuik EJC-25 is quick-set self-leveling expansion joint / crack repair product.Very Fuel Resistant (splash and spill fo jet fuel, gas, diesel)). Its designed for rapid repairs on concrete slabs, containment facilities, gas stations, roadways, bridges, sidewalks and airport runways.


Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and see projects, including concrete repairs and restoration, new construction, polished concrete overlayment, and more, being completed with Rapid Set …

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Mapei Adesilex P4 Tile Adhesive

Mapei Adesilex P4 Tile Adhesive is a high performance, cementitious tile adhesive for ceramic tile and stone; smoothing compound for interiors and exteriors; mortar for brick and concrete block walls. Available only in Grey, in 20kg bags. Mapei Adesilex P4 is an improved (C2) fast setting (F) cementitious tile adhesive classified as C2F.

Class R4 Rapid Setting Structural Repair Mortar

For deep repairs up to a maximum of 300mm in a single application, or where a pourable concrete is required, coarse, clean aggregates (5-10mm size) can be introduced into the mix, in up to equal proportions by weight, without adversely affecting its physical performance.

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Rapid Set® Concrete Mix — MSDS Very Fast

Rapid Set® Concrete Mix — MSDS Very Fast-Setting Concrete March 2007 Rapid Set® Cement, Cement All , Mortar Mix, Concrete Mix & D.O.T. Repair Mix, D.O.T Repair Mortar, D.O.T. Cement, Rapid Set® Stucco Mix

L&M™ EMERYTOP 400™ Product Datasheet

into the mixer, then add EMERYTOP 400. Mix 2.5-3.0 qts (2.4-2.8 L) water per 55 lb bag of EMERTYTOP 400. Mix a minimum of 5 minutes for high flow consistency. When a large volume of material is required, EMERYTOP 400 may be purchased in bulk bags of 3,000 lb (1361 kg) and mixed in a concrete mixer truck mix 3,000 lb (1361


Fibre-Patch OV is a fast set material, formulated to allow thin to thick overhead and vertical surfaces applications. It is suitable for balconies, ceilings, water reservoirs, tunnels, manholes, foundations, walls, abutments and other concrete structures. Packaged 55 bags per pallet. Composition and Materials Fibre-Patch OV is a one component (add


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